Uniting Clinicians and Designers to Push Beyond Fundamental Requirements

We are launching a program to bring together clinicians from around the country, to work with teams of designers to identify opportunities for improved outcomes at the nexus of health delivery, patient experience, and infrastructure. The first event, September 18, will focus on the Emergency Department--"Reimagining the ED" Design Workshop.
Warning: Where We're Missing the Mark on Employee Wellness

Water Water NOT Everywhere: Be part of the solution.

What To Do With Used Wearables: Now We All Can Recycle Health

What's the power paradigm shift and how are hospitals prime to lead?

The silent operation of a hospital microgrid illustrates a paradigm shift. The rapid advancement of technology is forcing people to reevaluate the opportunities and, resultantly, regulations for how power is provided to critical facilities like hospitals.
Why California Hospitals Need to Prioritize Energy Reduction (Now)

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