Senior Associate, Commissioning Engineer

As a Commissioning Engineer, my main goal is to ensure that the client is getting the solution they’ve envisioned. I know, however, that does not end with the building owner or project manager. I strive to ensure that all stakeholders including facility directors, building operators, and space users are satisfied with their project through construction and into occupancy. When project commissioning is successful, I know that the future of that project will also succeed. Knowing that I can make a positive difference in a building’s operation by problem-solving and troubleshooting issues is invigorating. This hands-on approach is what draws me to the commissioning field.

A couple of my more interesting projects were during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. These were hospital projects where they were trying to open additions or renovations that would add beds to accommodate more patients. Getting the projects finished and turned over on time (or even early!) was of the utmost importance. To complete our commissioning and functional testing in time, some of our work was completed virtually from hundreds of miles away to ensure proper operation of the systems before opening addition.

My Flipside

I try to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. That could be enjoying a local park or hiking and camping out in the wilderness. A few years ago, we completed our biggest challenge to date, hiking the Inca Trail for 4 days through the Andes Mountains to Machu Picchu in Peru. I love gardening and landscaping and try to improve our backyard every year with a new project. My end goal is to no longer have any grass left and a yard filled with vegetable and flower gardens instead! I’ve been learning a lot more about native plantings and invasive species to help pollinators in our area. We do a lot of composting, and I am in the process of building a new 3-bin compost system. Someday, I hope to start beekeeping and set up some beehives in the garden as well!

I also enjoy spending time with friends,  family, and pets (wife, two dogs, two cats, a Sulcata tortoise, a blue-tongued skink, an aquatic turtle, and a chinchilla). I am also a bit of a Halloween lover. In fact, I love Halloween so much that I go to the extent of designing and building my own Halloween decorations. It’s always the best Halloween set up in the neighborhood!


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