Associate Principal, Chief People Officer

As the corporate human resources executive for Mazzetti, I’m responsible for providing the strategy and structure for the delivery of a full range of human resources services throughout the entire company. I can honestly say I have never MORE enjoyed working for a company.

I got into the industry after graduating from law school. I had a background in HR and although I passed the bar, I was hesitant to pursue a position with a law firm because of the long hours required to make it to partner.  At the time I was a single mom with a 13 year old, so I looked at both legal and human resources positions and was fortunate to be hired by Fentress Architects as their HR Director. I was at Fentress for 10 years, then at The RMH Group (MEP firm) for 3 1/2 years as their Contracts Manager (using that law degree after all), and then came to Mazzetti in 2014 as the HR Director. I’m a member of the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations,  Alternative Dispute Section of the Colorado Bar, and Society of Human Resources Professionals.

“I get motivated when I see the work that I’m doing making a difference for the employees.  I also do my best work when I have too much to do!  It makes me more focused and organized.”

Feel free to peruse our current career opportunities. Don’t see something for you, but you’re interested in Mazzetti, reach out to me!



My Flipside

I am (believe it or not) the comedian in my family – stems from being a middle child I suppose. I’m really part mediator/part comedian. I am an avid Packer fan (it’s how I learned to swear, whoops!) but after living in Colorado for 20+ years, I’ve come to forgive the Broncos for Super Bowl XXXII and cheer for them (unless they’re playing the Packers of course).

I’ve been blessed with enough musical ability to entertain and inspire myself (and from time to time others), including having had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem as part of a choral group at Bronco stadium for a Colorado Rapids game.


How do I live more eco-friendly? Just this year my husband and I had solar panels installed on our roof.  I also use light rail to commute to and from work. I’m actually  looking into electric cars for next vehicle purchase.

How would I change the world if I could make one thing happen? I would make everyone be more kind to one another and less selfish.

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