Senior Associate, Senior Civil & Plumbing Engineer


Civil Engineering
MEP Engineering

As an experienced (20+ years) Plumbing Engineer, my expertise ranges from large scale new construction to small renovations in a variety of industries –commercial, industrial, educational, and residential Also trained as a Civil Engineer, I offer (clients) more comprehensive knowledge of the built and natural environments to produce smart designs, utilizing minimal building potable water.

Working with the client, to meet desired outcomes, I design a variety of systems to operate most efficiently. This spectrum includes: stormwater management (detention basins, bioretention basins and various storm water quality facilities), sanitary sewerage, potable water services, non-potable stormwater harvesting systems, retaining wall systems, hardscape elements, and site grading plans.

I’ve led the implementation of LEED standards related to civil engineering on a number of projects. This LEED portfolio includes designs for storm water detention and storm water quality facilities, water reclamation treatment and recycling, porous pavement, and support of green roofs. On somewhat of the forefront, I’ve pioneered the design of large scale directional boring for storm water conveyance as a tool for low impact development uses.

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