Principal, Electrical Engineer

I have more than 10 years of electrical engineering and lighting design experience for projects in the commercial, science, and laboratory sectors. I design electrical systems in buildings that are focused on environmental stewardship through energy efficiency and renewable energy. My specialties include electrical systems design, stand-by power systems design, renewable energy analysis and design, lighting and controls, low-voltage (phone, data, fire alarm, security), and construction administration.

Collaboration with other design team members, being creative and designing simple solutions to complex problems all drive my commitment to the built environment.

Some of my work includes developing design guidelines for the Liberia Healthcare Design Standards, analyzing system options to ensure needs are met based on first cost, opperational costs, and other external influences, and working on Kaiser Permanente’s implementation of Bloom Fuel Cells under a PPA model.


My Flipside

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my two children and coaching youth sports, snowboarding, golfing, traveling, and brewing my own beer.

My commitment to sustainability includes biking or walking throughout my community, carpooling to work, growing my own hops for beer, having a small garden in summer, and supporting local farms when possible.

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