Senior Associate, Technology Team Leader

As a healthcare professional (36+ years as a registered Radiologic Technologist), I’ve actually worked in the spaces I’m planning today. I started my Medical Equipment Planning career in 2010. With a strong understanding of clinical workflow, I’ve uniquely been able to identify cost savings, improved processes, and maintain high hospital standards in planning. This well-rounded knowledge plus my commitment to swift and clear communication is a dual-value I bring to projects.

Interesting project experience… The team was planning an x-ray unit in a hybrid OR around a vendor for basis of design. As timed passed, the vendor changed, and we were at an integral part in design, planning for integration. Because the vendor changed, the imaging unit was placed in a different location than specified in the basis of design. Noting the discrepancy, I quickly connected the new vendor to coordinate, along with the integration team in a timely manner –accommodations were completed in a timely manner. Proactive coordination saved both time and money (vs. a costly alternative!)

I’m grateful for my highly satisfying role, contributing to serving (and healing) communities.

My Flipside

Outside of work, I enjoy exercising, spending time with family and friends, outdoor activities (camping, hiking, gardening, biking), movies, shopping, and reading. In general, I think I’m fairly social, possessing a strong desire to connect with people — going to concerts, plays, movies, etc.

If I could change the world, I would provide EQUAL opportunities for all.

And, at home, I definitely practice sustainable habits including:
1. Recycle, reduce, and re-use where possible.
2. Replace inefficient light bulbs.
3. Use natural light as much as possible.
4. Unplug devices when they are not in use.
5. I stopped unwanted mail.
6. I buy products with less packaging.
7. I use less plastic in general.