Associate Principal, Director of Transition Planning Services


Technology Consulting
Transition Planning

As a child with severe asthma, I was in hospitals more than I was at home. My experience was not unique, but the environment and staff interaction stayed with me, and I naturally gravitated toward a career in healthcare. 

I have more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, leading teams through operational redesign/future-state planning, change management activities and relocation planning. I understand the full arc of services required to plan for, coordinate, and execute successful transitions into new environments. As a motivational problem-solver, I enjoy helping clients visualize their new environment and navigate their required changes to thoughtfully plan new, more efficient ways of working.  

In this role, I’m integrating Transition Planning Services with Medical Equipment Planning and IT Consulting, increasing efficiency and coordination on projects with all project stakeholders  owner/staff, architect, and construction firms.  

The HUMAN aspect of the service my colleagues and I provide is critical. Short Story: Our team encountered a client with a significantly under-budgeted project (likely due to a lack of understanding the TPS scope of work)We were told to only work with the clinical staff on operations, leaving the non-clinical staff to figure out their own transition tasks. Because this was a full replacement hospital, we knew we wouldn’t succeed without everyone’s involvement, so we devised a creative solution. We bundled some clinical operations together (such as OR, SPD, PreOp/PACU) and met with them as a group to save meeting times, then created a list of support services tasks for each department to follow that matched the project scheduleThe result — everyone was included and engaged in the planning, and we met the client’s budget to succeed in the transition.  

I love what I do, and am deeply appreciative of the people I get to work with. 

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