Associate, Technology Project Manager

My 20+ years of experience is concentrated in Healthcare Information Technology (IT) and Procurement.  As a Project Manager, I support our IT/Low Voltage/Communication Systems Consulting in Healthcare and non-Healthcare architectural and construction environments. For new construction or renovations, coordination activities encompass initial cost estimates, operational analysis and needs assessment, vendor evaluations, tracking of design planning and implementation requirements and schedules, project documentation, and post occupancy reviews.

Given the rapid evolution of Healthcare IT, I enjoy helping both our internal teams and clients keep pace!

My Flipside

I have 2 adult children; one got married last year, the other is engaged to be married next year. I have a growing family in Texas! My away-from-work activities are now much closer to home –occasional paddle boarding, fishing on the Duck River, and a game of pickleball, racquetball or tennis.  Life is good.
Each decade I seem to adopt a new interest to pursue.   I’ve enjoyed other cultures and experiencing adventure – having lived for a short time in Switzerland, sailed the Greek Isles, hiked the Inca Trail in Peru, and spent time in Thailand.

Since moving back to Tennessee I’ve settled into my yearning to be a hobby farmer.  I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors –  I have dogs, cats, goats, and I would love to add some chickens to the mix.  I have a garden and each year preserve my bounty, I hang laundry on the line (because fresh-air-drying smells so good), and I make jelly from the wild elderberries that grow on my property.   I’m intrigued with leveraging my environment to manage life in the country – using solar for electric fencing, rain water reservoirs for watering livestock, and supplementing electric heat with alternative sources.

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