Joshua Fait, PE

Senior Associate, Senior Mechanical Engineer


MEP Engineering

My primary objective is to solve problems. For clients, I facilitate collaboration with interdisciplinary teams on complex design challenges to find the most appropriate solutions. For the industry, I provide value by eliminating waste and delivering lean design solutions.

With nearly a decade of experience in healthcare, data center, manufacturing, government, and mixed-use commercial sectors, I love creating design solutions for complex projects, considering multiple criteria (engineering, physical size, cost, time, etc.). I enjoy being able to “win together” and work collaboratively towards a common goal.

While working on a recent project doing energy performance contracting, we had to sort through millions of data points to be able to analyze the water cooled centrigual chillers and central plant equipment. We found they were running inefficiently, although the facility design was very energy efficient and less than 10 years old. We found that despite the nameplate info showing efficient kW/Ton at part loads, the trended data did not match. As a solution, we rewrote the entire chiller staging, CHW and CW pumping, and CT staging strategies. With this measure, along with other energy savings methods, we were able to save the facility approximately 11% energy equating to more than  $400,000/year.

My Flipside

In my spare time, I enjoy real estate investing, poker, video games, and sports (football, wrestling, baseball). I love traveling with my wife, attending music and beer festivals, and trying new restaurants and IPA’s. I’m very inquisitive and enjoy learning something new via YouTube. I am all about self-improvement and personal growth.

I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up and living there for most of my life, makes me appreciate the weather in the Pacific Northwest. I went to ASU and will always be a huge fan – Go Devils!.

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