Associate Principal, Technology Team Leader

One of my goals when I graduated from college was to pursue an industry in which I could have a real impact on people’s lives. Luckily, Healthcare somewhat chose me, when I started at Mazzetti+GBA in March 2004. (Feel free to ask me about the story sometime.)

I have always had a passion for technology, thanks to my grandfather. I love that Healthcare has a seemingly endless and ever-growing list of technologies. Learning about each new technology and how clinical staff can best utilize the technology is fascinating to me. It’s rewarding to introduce clients to a technology they might not even know existed before or take existing technologies that are in place and enhance them to meet the overall vision of the facility.

Having the opportunity to speak at industry conferences and contribute to industry publications allows me to provide an understanding to clients of how technology impacts overall healthcare design and perpetuates my focus on the future.

I bring a variety of project experience to the team, including: technology master planning, project definition and technology standards development, budgeting, system design procurement and technology commissioning. My specialties include data center design, clinician workflow management, multiple systems integration, and medical equipment interoperability.


My wife Emily and I spend most of our time (outside of work) playing with our daughter, Palmer. When she’s older, I’ll introduce her to one of my other favorite hobbies: golf. We also have one fur-child, a German Shepard-Lab mix named Bozley.

Other hobbies include anything to do with sports (but especially the St. Louis Cardinals), snowboarding, and traveling with friends. I don’t just watch sports—I umpire competitive baseball as well. Umpiring is a great way for me to stay connected to baseball, spend time outside, and be physically active.

We love taking winter trips to Breckenridge, CO and summer trips to Seaside, FL. Next on the list is Banff!

I’ve lived in Tennessee my entire adult life and moved to Nashville in 2004. Our music scene is top notch! People may know Nashville for our country music, but I’ll go to just about any concert and love exploring Nashville’s music scene that’s a bit off the beaten path.