Senior Electrical Designer


MEP Engineering

I love designing and seeing it come to life. That feeling of pride and awe when our projects are constructed and the resulting impact for the community, further perpetuates my appreciation for this work.

One of my greatest values I bring to our clients is dependability. Given the dynamic nature of project work, I strive for providing steady reliability to help the client (and design team) navigate change. Providing timely deliverables is a critical part of this–building trust.

Lighting controls have been an continuously changing technology. In one of my projects, we designed a controls system with the ability to be controlled from any workstation. To accomplish this, we designed a system that would facilitate controllability in every light fixture, enabling us the ability to monitor the energy usage while the users still had the ability to make changes per their preference.

My Flipside

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and friends. We enjoy a good “game night”, particularly board games.

My other passion is woodworking–something SO enjoyable about physically constructing something.


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