Associate Principal, Director of Business Development

Several years before I entered the design & construction industry, I wrote in my journal, “I want to build hospitals!”  As a registered nurse this was a bit of a stretch goal to say the least.  One day, walking down the hall of the hospital, the Chief Medical Officer stopped me and asked, “Jennie, will you help us build the new cardiac intensive care unit?  We need a clinical liaison.”  Four years and three hospital projects later, I made the leap to work as a Nurse Resource for HKS Architects. HKS, a thought leader in the industry, saw the value of integrating the clinical perspective into the design team. My role at HKS taught me about business development, consulting, healthcare innovation, research, and the value of meaningful relationships… eventually leading me to this role at Mazzetti.

As the Director of Business Development at Mazzetti, I have the privilege of working with our various subject matter experts and marketers across the organization to identify and cultivate opportunities and client relationships. I’m in a unique role to help the firm continue to evolve as an innovative thought leader, truly committed to delivering positive impact for people and our physical environment.

My Flipside

I love adventure and have had the fortune to live in seven US cities, on both coasts of Canada, and in the UK.  I have family from Vancouver, BC to Prince Edward Island so I travel somewhere ‘home’ every year and like to go abroad at least every other year.

My local hobby is triathlons.  I love the variety and although slow, I do finish.  In Dallas, I am very busy as a surrogate aunt to 4 children, attend a Messianic Synagogue, go to movies and eat the real ‘Tex-Mex.’  However, a lot of my spare time is probably spent on house projects – do they ever end?!