Associate, Business Development Manager

I bring nearly a decade of journalism experience and four years of marketing experience to my role at Mazzetti where I lead regional business development and marketing efforts throughout Mazzetti’s three California offices.  In addition to coordinating the full lifecycle of competitive project pursuits, I curate knowledge-sharing pieces company-wide (blog posts and social media posts), coordinate conferences and regional events, and work to gain client intelligence along the way.  I have marketed technical services in the built environment for four years when I began my career at a San Francisco-based consulting engineering firm. While in this role, I learned business development and marketing basics at the ground floor of a small team. From there, I worked within the marketing department of a large general contracting firm to coordinate proposals and qualifications packages in a fast-paced environment. My strong writing background and “out-of-the-box” thinking make me a natural fit within marketing and my attention to detail serve me well in client interface.

My Flipside

I hail from sunny South Florida, where I grew up splashing on the beach, body surfing, boating and kayaking. Vowing to never live anywhere where I couldn’t see the water, I made the move to San Francisco in 2012, where I reunited with my sister and extended family.

The Bay Area has quickly become home. These days, I spend my days enjoying hikes, writing, discovering local restaurants, spending weekends in Healdsburg/local destinations, and occasionally, dipping a toe into the Pacific.