Associate, Software Engineer


Software Development

I have a passion for blending creativity with technology. After many years in the Music Industry, I’m excited to now apply this to Software Development. I have developed an impeccable attention to detail, tenacious work ethic, and diverse problem solving skills while working in the audio and social media industries. I love solving problems and helping others and get excited when it involves learning new things.

I am always crafting how I interact with electronics. I love finding ways to squeeze the full potential out of a computer, smartphone or home theater. Every new Android phone or tablet I buy gets rooted and setup with a custom Rom to maximize my options and control over the device. I am frequently the guy my coworkers and friends turn to for help with tech, whether I know how or not. I learned quickly how to leverage Google to find solutions and every challenge turned into a fun rabbit hole of learning and new skills. While pondering the next steps in my career, software development was a clear choice as it mirrors my drive for continuous learning and it allows me to continue to craft electronic experiences. I decided to join the Nashville Software School to learn alongside a supportive community. I’ve been challenged every day and have loved the collaborative environment.

The music recording industry initially drew me to Nashville. Working my way up from studio intern to freelance audio engineer instilled a great work ethic, perseverance, and attention to detail. Working with countless production teams allowed me to hone my teamwork skills and adapt to different environments to meet challenging deadlines. I find the amount of crossover between the recording industry and software development amazing, from breaking down projects into small blocks, team communication, problem solving and channeling creativity through electronics.

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