Senior Associate, Senior Project Manager

As a licensed Mechanical Engineer, I specialize in design and energy analysis. In addition to design, I provide building commissioning services and have a comprehensive understanding of building automation systems.

Starting my career in Cx afforded me a comprehensive understanding of how equipment actually works. My substantial knowledge of building energy consumption, combined with hands-on experience in the field, enables me to more thoroughly guide clients through the development and analysis of energy saving measures. In addition, my “pseudo-OCD” attention to detail keeps projects organized!

My 12+ year career has exposed me to a variety of job types, clients, and locations, keeping me on my feet and out of a cubicle, which I really enjoy. One of my most memorable projects was providing commissioning services for the Gateway Arch Museum of Westward Expansion. The project consisted of a renovation and addition to the Monument’s underground museum. Construction was behind schedule, so we had to complete our fire smoke mode testing at night. It was an eerie and magnificent experience to be one of a dozen people in a National Park building in the middle of the night. These are the moments where I especially love my job!

My Flipside

I grew up in University City, Missouri. In my free time, you’ll find me researching the newest restaurants in town, at a St. Louis Blues hockey game, and enjoying yoga and pilates classes.

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