Erick Sandoval, PE

Senior Associate, Senior Mechanical Engineer


MEP Engineering

My field is full of surprises and keeps me on my toes. Every project is unique, and I know that I will never get bored as an engineer and project manager with all the problem solving and adaptive skills required for each project. As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, I am very thorough and detailed on projects making sure I understand everything on the drawings. I communicate with the client, design team, contractors, and internal team constantly to verify everyone is on the same page and there are no misunderstandings.

One of my most memorable projects is a hospital that required a new air handler and new mechanical and plumbing systems for four floors that had already gotten MEP approval from OSHPD. However, two of the floors had to be switched for architectural reasons. The mechanical ductwork and piping was a challenge to revise and update but not nearly as complicated as the plumbing system; the toilet rooms within the building were served by several plumbing risers (CW, HW, W, V) throughout the floor causing the plumbing system to be completely redesigned from scratch for a change order due in a couple days. I was able to provide two new sheets of plumbing risers within two days and have them field-reviewed and approved by the ACO. The approval saved time and money and helped the project schedule remain on track – resulting in a few high-fives!

My Flipside

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, walking/jogging on the beach, occasionally going to the gym for strength training, playing piano, or watching a good show. I like watching or reading material that challenges my brain.

I like spending time with my friends and family. I believe going to a restaurant or bar with them for dinner and/or drinks helps us connect on a deeper level and is helpful in building relationships.

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