Civil Engineer


Civil Engineering

Anyone who works in the planning, design, and construction world, would attest to its “variable” nature. As a licensed Civil Engineer, with 10+ years of experience, I thrive at the challenge of anticipating (old & new) hurdles and then steering accordingly. I strive for clients to acknowledge, “Wow, that went a lot smoother than I expected.”

My primary focus has been on the development of sites and associated street frontage improvements for public agency facilities. My complex renovation projects have required large, integrated project teams working collaboratively and creatively towards solutions. Additionally, I have developed stormwater management expertise in ten differing jurisdictions throughout the state of Oregon, including Portland and southern Washington.

I mentioned I like challenges—I recall one particular site improvement project with a school district in Oregon. Once construction was underway and the parking lot drainage system exposed, we realized none of it was constructed per the record drawings. The entire parking lot was draining to an unregistered infiltration drywell concealed beneath the pavement.  We spent weeks working through testing this drywell, updating our calculations and design, and coordinating with city staff to approve the design modifications so that the project could proceed and construction could be completed before the start of the next school year.

My Flipside

Outside of the office, my interests include playing guitar, computer programming, and tinkering on various projects in my garage.

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