Senior Associate, Director of Software Development


Software Development

I really enjoy creating. As our Director of Software Development, I appreciate the unique opportunity to develop and enhance products for both our internal and external clients. 

I’m well versed in databases, .NET & several front-end frameworks. My work history to-date has primarily been in the hospital & healthcare industry. The Technology/Medical Equipment Planning Division of Mazzetti (formerly GBA) was a natural fit, allowing me to stay closely connected with Healthcare.   

Since joining Mazzetti, I was the co-lead software engineer for the redesign and development of our M+Partner application, which supports our medical equipment and IT project planners and out clients and partners. Currently, I am developing/enhancing our M+Energy application, connecting to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manger to pull client’s energy data into a local repository, helping clients better understand their facility’s energy consumption and how to improve it!