Bill Hinton, CMNT - medical equipment planner

Associate Principal, Senior Project Manager

I first began in the healthcare industry in 1980 and have only worked at two places since: the Medical Imaging Department at a large hospital and Mazzetti+GBA as a Medical Equipment Planner (since 2000). During my tenure at Mazzetti+GBA, I have worked with healthcare systems large and small, from coast to coast, in virtually every clinical application.

My favorite part of a project is getting to know the various stakeholders involved and understanding their wants, needs, and concerns. Getting to know each individual helps me get to the “why” of their project and ensures we’re providing medical equipment that meets the big picture goals of the project, while still focusing on the nuances of each piece of equipment. This focus on the relationship and ability to balance the big picture with project details leads to lasting relationships that go beyond a single project.


I love to travel, watch sports, and spend time with my five amazing daughters.

My travels often focus on locations that are known for their hiking or other outdoor activities. I love visiting national parks; Yosemite National Park is one of my favorites.

I’ve always called Tennessee home–evident in the sports teams I follow. On the weekends you can find me either cheering on the Titans in Nashville or the University of Tennessee Volunteers (Go Vols!).